Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie

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Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie:

As you all know all, Samsung phones comes with their own Custom Skin on top of the Google’s Stock Android skin called Samsung Experience UI.

Samsung introduced Experience UI 8.1 in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and now it is available in most of the Samsung phones. Also nowadays Samsung is pushing its latest Samsung Experience UI 9.0 to some Samsung J series phones.

Samsung Experience UI 10 Launch date

As all of you know how Samsung is slow when it comes updating their Mid-Rangeror or Flagships. Galaxy J7 Nxt got Oreo update recently in india but other brands like Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei  readying for android p so samsung also started testing S9 Plus.


Galaxy S9 Plus Was Launched with upgraded Version on Android Version 8.0 based on Samsung own Samsung Experience UI 9.0. Galaxy S9 Plus Was already Spotted on android P on August 31 


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Samsung Experience UI 10 Changes

With the new Android Pie update, you will Find Many changes to the System UI. The Most Exciting feature or change that’s AMOLED Dark theme. Samsung is called this the night theme. But Main things to notice as this build is not a stable build this build is still in alpha stage and also some feature is broken or may not work properly

Samsung Experience UI 10.0 Home Screen Layout

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie
Credit Of Images: XDADeveloper

Also As you can see in the above some screenshots Galaxy S9 Plus Is running On Samsung Experience UI 10.0 based on Android Pie



Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie

First Start with Lockscreen There are minor difference when we compare the lockscreen with s9 plus on android oreo as Lock Screen Has Been Bit  updated.The lock screen now has the time Come to the center.  Also  Samsung is Using here a new design for the clock. But as you can see in left and right there’s no app icon The quick app shortcuts at the bottom of the screen have now been replaced by the color of the icons.

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie


Now Let’s Move to the home screen as you see below images the new look of android P With Experience UI 10.0. As We can see Samsung polished much things like the notification panel As its very inspired from Android P and talking about the home screen  there is minor changes like there’s is new card style pop  with white background as you seen in the above screenshot there are two option first mark as read and other option is to directly from there just tap on reply button.

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie


The recent apps  menu of Samsung Experience 10.0 has also been renovated in the Android Pie style. It adds the dock at the bottom and has the recent apps overview scrolling horizontally instead of vertically. This is very similar thing were done by many users do in Good Lock.


Samsung Experience UI 10 Settings Overview

As We Said Previously,Samsung Has Planned to launch its own new Night theme with this update, which is imperative a native dark mode. It  Could be Manually Enabled Or Also it Has scheduled time with the help of scheduled time it will activated according your scheduled time. You will also be able to decrease the brightness of the screen automatically.

Samsung has also added a new motions and gestures menu. This has all of the old gestures  feature like a swipe on the fingerprint scanner and palm swipe to capture. This was updated with a new feature: lift to wake. This will wake up your phone when you pick it up from a table. Motions and gestures this tab can be found within the Advanced Features settings.

Our Next Feature in the list is the new gesture control. Samsung has not added the same gestures as Google built them into Android Pie. This is simple swiping up from the bottom of the screen in the position where each button is located. It Could be enabled when the navigation bar is hidden.

The next feature is the new gesture control. Samsung didn’t add the same gestures as Google built them into Android Pie. This is simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen in the position where each button is located. It’s only enabled when the navigation bar is hidden. There’s also a setting to show little UI indicators where you should swipe up on.

Samsung Experience UI 10 Based on Android Pie

Samsung Experience UI 10 System apps

Samsung Dialer

Samsung Own dialer app has been revamped with the new night theme. It also has moved the options like recent, keypad, contacts, and places to the bottom of the screen. Currently, If We See On  Samsung Experience 9.0 Or 9.5, it has them on the top below the search bar. The search bar has also gotten a bit wider and thicker.

Samsung Messages

The Messages app for SMS also been updated. This has same curved card design Like in Setting and Also Many Apps Adopted this design. Since this is a system app, it also supports the new night theme. Just like the Dialer, it has moved the conversations and contacts options to the bottom of the screen. The compose button has improved a bit taller and wider and the icons slightly Renovated.

Samsung Bixby

The Bixby Home app has also gotten a new UI. It is very similar to the other apps with Samsung’s new design language. It has gotten curved borders and a night theme. This update of Bixby Home doesn’t have any new features yet, but those could be coming soon. The Setup screen was also changed a bit and both Bixby Home and the setup screen support the night theme.

Samsung Mail, Gallery, My Files, Samsung Internet, and Camera Apps

Just like most of system apps in Samsung Experience 10.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the Samsung Mail, Gallery, and Camera apps were all got  updated. The email app got updated  with same curved card design. This is the only samsungap that does not have built in support of the night theme. There aren’t  no much new features that have been added with this update. The Gallery and My Files and Samsung Internet were updated with the new rounded corners as other apps,

The camera got a whole new UI Compare With Samsung Experience UI 9.0. Samsung has also moved  some  options in the settings. Currently, the front-facing camera and AR Emojis crash when you try to use them.

Overall, this update is a Major big one.  Ofcourse I Am Very Impressed with the New Design  Its nice Thing for samsung to achieve This Type of progress is making with Android Pie,  This build isn’t  stable one but it Nice Feeling with this  new UI and i am excited to see when Samsung releases an official beta for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ hopefully in the moths of November And December.

“Samsung Experience UI 10.0 Conclusion”

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