Top Samsung Android Oreo Features

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Samsung Android Oreo Features: It seems like you want to know about the Android Oreo features found in Samsung phones, So we have discussed top Samsung Android Oreo Features which come with Experience UI 9.0.

“Top Android Oreo Features in Samsung phones”


  1. Keyboard Improvements

Android 8.0 Oreo brings several improvements to Keyboard, First is we see a toolbar which contsins some gif messages in the keyboard which we can directly send on any messaging app.We also get Emoji 5.0 set as an Keyboard Improvement and the last one is Android Oreo brings four New High contrast themes to Keyboard.


Samsung Android Oreo Features

2. Notification Features

Android 8.0 Oreo brings Pin and Snooze notification option to Samsung Phones where you all know that tapping on the “Clear all” button lets you to clear all notifications.Now, if you want to pin an notification you can now pin it by swiping left or right on app notification. Snooze option lets you to snooze notification for some time.Samsung Android Oreo Features

3. App Shortcuts

Long pressing on app gives you an lot of options which are known as “App Shortcuts”, For a basic understanding, see the below screenshot. Now App Shortcuts have been improved with the Android 8.0 Oreo update. For example, In the screenshot, long pressing on the YouTube app lets users to select options within the app such as search, subscriptions etc.Samsung Android Oreo Features

4. Custom Color option for Folders

Now you can select and fill custom color in folders containing apps. An Custom color icon now appears alongside the folder’s name where you can select color which you want to fill in the folder. The multi colored option also lets users to select custom color, when the color is selected we have to click on “Done” option. And the folder will be filled with color which is helpful for users to identify which folder has what apps.

5. Few Changes in Settings Menu

With the latest Android Oreo 8.0, Samsung has brought modifications to settings menu, As you all know we had a search option in settings menu which lets you to search about phone’s settings. Now with the Android Oreo 8.0, we get a option of search history and now we can also delete our search history. Samsung has also done some changes in the “About Phone” settings menu such as now phone number,model number and other details are showed at the right and the information of the phone is at the left. You can see in the below screenshots. Samsung Android Oreo Features

6. New Clock Styles for Lock Screen and Always On Display

Android Oreo 8.0 brings new clock styles to lock screen and always on display. As you can see in the below screenshots, we can also customize these clock styles where we can change the color of the clocks. This option is accessible through lock screen and security.

Samsung Android Oreo Features Samsung Android Oreo Features

7. New video player options

Android 8.0 Oreo brings new functionalities to Samsung phone’s video player.Now users can play the current video repeatedly by clicking on the option “Auto repeat”. Now you can also play videos with 2x speed and now on Android Oreo we can exit the video player app by single tap on back button.

Samsung Android Oreo Features

8. App Pair feature

With the Android 8.0 Oreo, Samsung has given App Pair feature which we found in Galaxy Note 8. As you all know with Android Nougat update, we got an feature called Multi window which lets you to open 2 apps in an window at the same time. So the App Pair feature improves Multi window feature by letting users to create a pair of 2 apps. when we pair 2 apps such as YouTube and Facebook, an icon will be created and when we will click on than icon, YouTube and Facebook will be opened in Multi window.For a basic understanding, see the below screenshot.Samsung Android Oreo Features


So these are some features of Samsung which we found in Android 8.0 Oreo. There are other features such as recent apps now support list view, app permission monitoring option, WiFi turning automatically on near known networks, and some UI improvements.

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